The Dumpster Rental Market Is Growing – It May Be Time to Consider Starting a Business

The Dumpster Rental Market Is Growing – It May Be Time to Consider Starting a Business

Rental Dumpsters

You see them in driveways and parking lots. You see them driving down the street on the back of a truck or on a roll off trailer. Frequently you’ll see the words painted on the side: “RENT ME”. Roll off dumpsters are everywhere, and more and more rental companies are trying to stake a claim in their local markets.

The dumpster rental business is nothing new. Dumpsters have been rented for years by roofers, construction and demolition workers, and plenty of residential customers looking to do some clean up. It’s really a very simple idea: you pay a set fee to have a dumpster dropped off at your location. Keep it for 2 or 3 days, filling it with whatever you want to get rid of. Then, the owner of the dumpster comes and picks it up and takes it away. They handle all of the hauling and dumping of your waste.

Dumpster Rental Goes Digital

One of the ways that the dumpster rental industry has changed is that customers are now often beginning their search for a rental company the same way they purchase other goods and services – online. Many dumpster rental companies take orders directly from their websites. Others use a nationwide dumpster rental marketplace like – where customers in any location can find a local dumpster rental company and order from them directly on the website.

The trend toward more digital dumpster rental transactions is only likely to increase. Rental companies that leverage the internet in their marketing and sales will continues to separate themselves from their competitors, and as the younger generation ages, more people are going to expect the companies they do business with to do business online. Data from Google Trends indicates 25% growth for the term “dumpster rental” between 2013 and 2017.

Take Advantage of a Growing Market

Market research indicates that in 2018, the overall market grew yet again, a fact attributed to increased construction activity, growth in consumer spending and an increase in corporate profit. Additionally, it is important to note that online sales across all industries are currently growing at about 15% year over year.

All of these factors are leading more people to start their own dumpster rental businesses. A new company can start with a single truck and trailer and 5-10 dumpsters. It’s not cheap, and it’s not easy work, but it can be very lucrative and start up costs are much lower than many other business opportunities.

In fact, U-Dump Trailers offers a roll off package that includes a trailer and 3 dumpsters (containers) for a reduced price. You can view the current offer at The Trailer Source website. Maybe it’s time to start something new and build your own dumpster rental company. Customers are standing by.

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