3 Ways Dump Trailers Can Help On Your Construction Site

3 Ways Dump Trailers Can Help On Your Construction Site

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Construction companies make huge investments in the equipment they use every day. Virtually every construction site is prowled by a fleet of excavators, dump trucks and other heavy equipment. One piece of equipment that is often overlooked, however, can provide enormous value for a relatively small investment. A dump trailer can be a very useful tool on construction sites, and here are 3 good reasons you should have at least one on every job. 

1.    They are a Quick and Easy Way to Haul and Dump Debris

Let’s start with the obvious: a dump trailer is a trailer that dumps. They are handy tools for moving debris, trash – or even supplies – from one location and dumping it in another. Without the ability to dump, these things often have to be unloaded by hand, which consumes both time and labor. A dump trailer can make your employees more efficient and help you stay ahead of schedule. 

2.     They Can Double as On-Site Dumpsters

Many construction companies rent dumpsters for their job sites, and often more than one per site. You may need one for heavy debris and another for lightweight trash. This may seem like a convenient service, but over time this adds up to a major expense. With dump trailers, you or an employee can simply drive to the job site in the morning, detach the trailer and move on, then come back later to pick it up and haul it to a landfill. This can be a huge money-saver and can ensure that your “dumpster” is always exactly where you need it to be exactly when it needs to be there. 

3.    They Can Take the Place of Flatbed Trailers

Many construction companies invest in flatbed trailers to haul materials to and from construction sites. If the only other option you have is to use the beds of your pickup trucks, a flatbed trailer can be a great idea. Another benefit of dump trailers is that they are often lightweight enough to be used in this same way. Anything you would haul on your flatbed trailer can be hauled in your dump trailer, and the hydraulic dumping can make unloading some of these loads much faster and easier. Dump trailers are also often used to haul smaller pieces of heavy equipment – such as mini excavators – to and from construction sites.

When you consider all of the different ways that dump trailers can be used, there’s really no doubt that this is an investment that would quickly pay for itself. This one piece of equipment can be used to bring equipment and materials to the job site, serve as an on-site dumpster or material hauler, and then haul away and dump debris or trash.

Dump trailers come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and you may find you need more than one type to best serve your business. Maybe you need a big high sided trailer for hauling materials and dumping debris, and a smaller low-sided trailer for moving equipment around and hauling away trash. Whatever your needs, you can be sure there’s a dump trailer that can make your life easier and your work more efficient.

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